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Our Vision

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Our Services

Pathways to Resilience is a not-for-profit trust based in Brisbane, and serving communities Australia-wide. Our dedicated team delivers high-quality, practical workshops and programs that support wellbeing and build resilience by enabling young people, educators and families to:

  • View behaviour and emotions through a neuroscience lens

  • Build strong, connected relationships

  • Model, teach and support the development of social and emotional skills.


Our Approach

Pathways’ workshops and programs build on a knowledge of the brain to develop self-awareness and support young people, educators and families to create calm, connected classrooms and homes. We offer practical skills for self-regulation, communication, understanding emotions, and building and maintaining healthy relationships.

Our Education and Engagement Team work hard to meet the needs of early years centres, schools and their surrounding communities, and prioritise building long-term relationships to create sustainable change. Following on from our workshops and programs, ongoing support is available in the form of one-to-one coaching and mentoring, and we are also able to provide tailored consultancy services.

Our work is underpinned by the latest research on brain development. We share this knowledge along with practical applications for school and home.

We provide tools and strategies to support social and emotional development which are easily integrated into existing daily routines.

We hold space for adults to reflect, not just on what they will do when they are working with young people, but on how they will be.


Our Impact

In 2018 we worked with…







community members


Our Wellbeing Pathways


Early years

Workshops for early years educators, and our flag-ship
program Wings to Fly™.

high school pathway

Workshops for high school educators.

primary school pathway

Workshops for primary school children and educators, and our programs Meet Your Brain!™ , Kaleidoscope of Colour™ and Journey to the Island of Calm™.

family pathway

Workshops for parents and carers.


Knowing the neuroscience basics has really opened up a different kind of empathy and understanding of children and their complex needs.

Early Years Educator


Our Supporters

Thank you to the following organisations for supporting our work: