Our Team


Dan Pierce

Dan is the Interim Executive Officer at Pathways to Resilience. He has qualifications in law and experience in management, business development and contract administration. He is passionate about empowering individuals to be the best they can be through building their own social and emotional intelligence.


Debbie miller

Debbie Miller is the Director of Education and Learning at Pathways to Resilience. She is an experienced educator specialising in Early Childhood with over thirty years experience across the educational field including tertiary education. Her focus is on the accessibility of social and emotional learning for children in educational settings, and the support of educators and practitioners in viewing children and their wellbeing through a strengths-based lens. She is the author of Wings to Fly™ an approach to social and emotional wellbeing for children in the early years, and Kaleidoscope of Colour™: Wellbeing in the Lower Primary Classroom.


madelaine winstanley

Madelaine is an Education and Engagement Consultant at Pathways to Resilience. She is an experienced teacher and program writer with a background in the Arts and Environmental Education. She has worked in primary schools, tutored in tertiary education and delivered professional development workshops for educators and community stakeholders. Madelaine has completed Mindfulness and Mindfulness in Education training with Openground, Mindful Schools and Still Quiet Place, and is also a certified Yoga Calm for Children instructor. She is the author of Meet Your Brain! and Journey to the Island of Calm: Wellbeing in the Upper Primary Classroom.


sonia moloney

Sonia is an Education and Engagement Consultant at Pathways to Resilience. She has a background in Social Work and Sensorimotor Art Therapy, specialising in Clay Field Therapy. Using the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics and Education, Sonia works across multiple education settings offering training and mentoring in child development, social and emotional wellbeing and adult wellbeing.

brenda allport

Brenda is an Education and Engagement Consultant at Pathways to Resilience. She is an experienced facilitator drawing upon her background in human services (out of home care), counselling, leadership and alternative education. With a passion for practice development and personal growth, Brenda works across all age groups within schools and communities promoting social and emotional wellbeing based upon the foundations of neuroscience and relationship research.

david robbins

David is the Project Support Officer at Pathways to Resilience. He has had a career in education and works closely with both the Education and Training, and Management teams to help organise and coordinate training and office management.

carl bongaarts

Carl has tertiary qualifications in Commerce and, as a CPA, brings to Pathways to Resilience extensive experience spanning over forty years in accounting, business management, financial management and administration in entities across three different sectors; semi-government, private enterprise and private catholic education and church administration. He is presently transitioning from full-time senior leadership roles to this part-time Finance Manager role and is pleased to be part of, and making a contribution to, this wonderful community organisation.