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High School Wellbeing Pathway


an introduction to mindfulness

This two-hour experiential workshop builds on An Introduction to Neuroscience for Educators, by providing participants with tools and strategies to regulate themselves, increase their self-awareness and respond mindfully to daily challenges. Educators will gain an understanding of the ways in which a personal mindfulness practice can promote resilience and wellbeing, and help to build a positive learning environment. They will also explore ways to bring mindfulness into their daily lives.


an introduction to self-care

This two-hour interactive workshop explores the ways in which stress can impact brain function. Participants engage with reflective tools that enable them to develop both an awareness of the messages their body is communicating, and the impact of their thoughts and emotions on their wellbeing. They step through a number of processes, creative and cognitive, that can increase their capacity to regulate during stressful experiences, and explore short and long-term self-care strategies.